Resources and Downloadable Documents for Our Patients

Patient Portal

Fern Valley Natural Health works with ChARM EHR, an electronic health system that offers management of patient records, patient billing and a patient portal. Through the portal, patients can access their and their family’s records, pay their balances, message their providers, and view lab reports.

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We require all our patients to be signed up with our Portal system. If you or your family members are missing a portal access or haven’t signed up yet, please contact our office to have an invitation sent to you.

Telemedicine Visits

Telemedicine is now being offered at Fern Valley Natural Health! This service offers our patients who are having trouble coming into the office, either due to illness or the inability to travel to our office, to have a secure video visit from your own home.

In Washington State, most plans do cover telemedicine visits. They are billed the same way regular office visits are billed (by complexity of condition and time spent) and are thus subject to the same co-pays and deductibles. We always recommend you know your benefits and whether or not Telemedicine is a covered service under your specific plan. We cannot guarantee any coverage by your specific plan.

If you would like to schedule telemedicine services, please call our front desk to see if your medical concern is appropriate for a telemedicine visit.

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We offer both an in-house dispensary and an online dispensary for our patients.

Our in-house dispensary is stocked with physician grade products that have been run through our personal screening process to make sure they are the highest quality and stored correctly. Our prices are generally below retail prices and there is no sales tax for our products that have been prescribed to you.

Our online dispensary is called Fullscript. We can always send you a prescription for your products to be purchased through their website. All orders are shipped to your home in 1-3 business days and shipping is FREE for orders over $75.

Both our office and Fullscript accepts Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and Health Savings Account (HSA) cards as payments! You can use these cards at checkout like regular credit cards and it will be processed. We suggest that you check with your specific health plan if you are unsure if Fullscript is considered a “medical expense”.

We recommend using Fullscript instead of Amazon or other online distributors because we know that they follow strict storage guidelines to ensure that your products are effective and not spoiled. Read more about the dangers of products on Amazon here

Local Shops/Stores We Recommend

  • Whole Foods/PCC – Carries many OTC products
  • The Bastyr Dispensary in Wallingford – Carries a very extensive selection of products
  • Herban Wellness in Kirkland – Carries tinctures, bulk herbs, and other products
  • Dandelion Herbs in Ballard – Carries a very extensive selection of herbal products
  • Rainbow Remedies in Capitol Hill – Carries a very extensive selection of herbal products
  • Pharmaca in Redmond – Carries many OTC products
  • Mountain Rose Herbs online – Offers many organic bulk herb options

Finding Your Child’s Vaccine Records

You can always locate your child’s vaccines through our Patient Portal system under the “Vaccines” section.

You are also welcome to register for the Washington State Immunization Information System through the MyIR website. Follow the instructions after clicking the link below.


Patient Resources

After Hours Resources

Urgent Care Locations

  • Here is a list of local Urgent Care and ER locations for your convenience.

COVID-19/ Coronavirus Information

With so much information being distributed through the news, social media, and the government bodies, we at Fern Valley Natural Health wanted to provide our clients a comprehensive bank of information, gathered together by our physicians, to help you, your family and the community at large.

First and foremost, we are committed to protecting our patients and their families, and are therefore taking precautions. Our daily management, just like the information around COVID-19, is changing daily. We are sanitizing our office and frequently touched items/surfaces, as well as all toys, daily.

Until further notice:
We are requesting our patients call our office if you are acutely ill with a cough, fever, or respiratory symptoms. Please do not schedule online or just come into the office.

HOWEVER, if you are experiencing respiratory distress, that is an emergency and may require that you go to the ER.
We are attempting to manage as much as we can over the phone and/or via telemedicine right now to minimize the potential exposure for our team and other patients.

If you are coming into the clinic for symptom management, please do wait in your cars and we will come get you once the physician is ready to bring you directly into the exam room. We have an employee entrance that is being used specifically for acutely ill patients and want to make sure that we are not utilizing the shared lobby space to minimize exposure to newborns, pregnant people and other vulnerable people in our clinic.

Kids and Families

We know that children are always learning and absorbing information around them. It can be hard to explain and discuss illness with your children, especially when we are feeling anxious ourselves. It’s important to provide accurate, age appropriate information. Try to avoid excess TV, news, and social media in your child’s presence and choose a low-drama, minimalist approach to discussions with and around your child.